Harpist strikes a chord with SSDP

By Viraj Shroff-Mehta, MD

I love my job. Each day in the life of a dermatologist is completely unique. Every day that I go to work at SSDP, I never know what people I will meet and how they will challenge my knowledge and skills as a physician.

My day’s excitement revolves around the clinical side of my practice; the medical side of the office with my schedule and exam rooms. The waiting room is an entirely separate world. I like to consider it a spacious, airy, living room type set-up. We strive to keep our magazines up to date and rotate our gallery wall with original art for patients to enjoy while waiting. Unfortunately, I don’t get out much and rarely have the opportunity to step into the waiting room... That is, until this past Wednesday.

In between seeing my patients, I was seduced by original music coming from the front of the office. I was confused. At first, I thought maybe my partner had changed the tone notification for his text alert on his phone. No, in fact, there really was beautiful music coming from the waiting room. The receptionists and nurses had already seen a patient set up his harp in a corner of the room and then he began to play and play and play. I was enchanted. Throughout the morning, this music, this display, made for a great conversation. Was it my imagination or did everyone seem a little lighter, a little more relaxed?

At lunch break, I decided to seek out this gentleman and thank him for transforming our waiting room (and in some ways, my day). He was such a pleasure to meet and speak with. He took the time to show me his gorgeous harp. I have never seen one that close up, much less held one. He cajoled me into a mini lesson by having me sit in a chair, wedge the harp between my knees and strum a few basic chords. Much to my delight, this stunning and graceful instrument did not balk at my naive attempts to make music. Only at SSDP could I have such a privilege. Did I mention, I love my JOB!

Viraj Shroff-Mehta, MD, is a Board certified dermatologist at South Shore Dermatology Physicians (SSDP).


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